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Latest News - Nov 5th 2012

New retro virtual analogue instruments - Meteoroid (mono) and Planetoid (poly) synths added to commercial VSTi

About Simple-Media

The site was designed to give access to a range of graphics audio and multimedia projects, both completed and under development. The majority of simple-media output is freely available and will continue to be. This is not a commercial site, however in order to fund continued development some items are available at a small cost (via share-it). This site; simple-media.co.uk is currently a one man outfit but collaborative work is possible and anybody interested in using my services or engaging in collaborative work can contact me via the contacts link found in the navigational panel on each page. Services available include graphic design for games, web sites and GUIs, musical composition and production and the development of some multi-media projects within the scope of my abilities.

About Me

My name is Saul Cross. I am a lecturer in Futher and Higher Education currently working at Hull College in the United Kingdom teaching a range of subjects related to ICT, computing and computer sciences. Before becoming a lecturer I worked as a multimedia designer, developer and project manager and also have some experience of working within the computer games industry in the heyday of 8-bit and 16-bit gaming. My key interests include music composition and production, graphic design, 3D graphics (lighting, rendering and materials development) and retro styled games design and development.